Why was BookkeepersIreland.com set up
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1. To have one place that all Irish Bookkeepers could meet whether you work in practice or in business
2. To define what is a bookkeeper is in Ireland
3. To promote bookkeeping as a professional experience who compare with accounting technicians and accountants and any other professionals in their approach to work.
4. To provide resources to bookkeepers that will help them keep up to date with ever changing laws relevant to bookkeeping in Ireland
5. To provide educational opportunities for improving and gaining new skills
6. To help bookkeepers in practice
7. To help bookkeepers in business
8. To promote bookkeeping in Ireland as a profession with highly skilled people
9. To gather all those with any interest in bookkeeping in Ireland together

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Bookkeepers Ireland was setup to provide a place that Irish Bookkeepers could meet online, discuss common concerns, ask questions and get answers. It is also a place where standards for bookkeeping in Ireland are decided by Irish Bookkeepers.

Setting standards will ensure that Bookkeepers will be seen financial professions and that those who do not practice good bookkeeping standards will be shown as providing an inferior service compared to those who practice Bookkeeping as a real profession.

Also professional bookkeepers will be able to show that they work to standards and that the fees they charge are those of a professional who provides a high standard of service and has the expected knowledge, training and experience to provide those services.

For those who work in business they will have a place to confide with others and get a rate of pay as that of a professional.

Most importantly to help promote the industry and educate businesses owners and employers that when someone calls themselves a bookkeeper, that they can check at Bookkeepers Ireland if they meet the standards as set by the members of Bookkeepers Ireland.

This can only lead to better incomes for those bookkeepers who are professionals and force those who do not meet the standards to reach the standards or leave the profession.

Bookkeepers Ireland is not owned by one person. It is for all bookkeepers. It is a non profit making website dedicated to improving the standards and image of bookkeeping in Ireland.

Who should come to BookkeepersIreland.com
1. Bookkeepers in practice and in business, full time or part-time
2. People who perform the role of a bookkeeper
3. People who would like to become bookkeepers
4. Students of bookkeeping and accounting
5. Teachers/Lecturers in bookkeeping
6. Any one with an interest in bookkeeping and improving the standards of bookkeeping

Go now and register your interest. You are not committing to anything and there are no costs involved in signing up. But you will be part of an influential and important group in Ireland.

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