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Published on Wed 03 of Nov, 2010
Reduced frequency of tax returns and payments

Extension to newly eligible PAYE/PRSI and VAT customers

Introduction of similar arrangements for eligible RCT customers

Reductions in the frequency of PAYE/PRSI and VAT tax returns and payments for smaller businesses will again be extended to eligible businesses from 1 January 2011. Similar arrangements in respect of RCT will also become available from that date.
• Businesses making total annual VAT payments of less than €3,000 are eligible to file VAT returns and make their payments on a 6 monthly basis;
• Businesses making total annual VAT payments of between €3,000 and €14,400 are eligible to file VAT returns and make their payments on a 4 monthly basis;
• Businesses making total annual PAYE/PRSI payments of up to €28,800 are eligible to make their payments on a 3 monthly basis; and
• Businesses making total annual RCT payments of up to €28,800 will now be eligible to file RCT returns and make payments on a 3 monthly basis.

Make sure this suits your business as the Revenue Commissioners will automatically change you to these new extended payment terms. They can be better for cash flow, but it will affect your bookkeeping cut off dates

For more information click here
Published on Tue 26 of Oct, 2010
eBrief no. 78/2010: VAT Consolidation Bill 2010

The Value-Added Tax Consolidation Bill 2010 has been published today 26 October 2010. Its purpose is to consolidate the law relating to Value-Added Tax.

This link includes the Explanatory Memorandum and also the Memorandum (Destination Table) which indicates where in the new Bill the corresponding provisions in the Value-Added Tax Act 1972 (which is being repealed) are reproduced.

Published on Tue 26 of Oct, 2010
eBrief 77/2010: Renewal of C2 cards with an expiry date of 31 December 2010

Renewal of C2 cards with an expiry date of 31 December 2010

Revenue is currently reviewing the entitlement of subcontractors, with a C2 expiry date of 31 December 2010, to renew their C2 card for 2011. As part of this review, letters have issued to subcontractors who, according to Revenue records, have outstanding liabilities and/or returns. Details have been provided to the subcontractor with the letter.

1. Subcontractors with outstanding liabilities and/or returns

A new C2 card for 2011 will not issue to subcontractors until their tax affairs have been brought up to date. No additional reminders will issue to subcontractors regarding this matter.

2. When subcontractors have brought their tax affairs up to date

Subcontractors who have received a letter should contact their local tax office when their tax affairs are in order. This will ensure the timely issue of C2 cards which will be effective from 1 January 2011.

3. Principal contractors

Principal contractors are reminded that they must have a valid Relevant Payment Card (RCT 47) before making gross payments to a subcontractor. Where the contract is ongoing at 31 December 2010, the principal contractor can make a bulk application to Revenue for payments cards on Form RCT 46A.

The relevant payment cards for 2011 will not issue to the principal contractor until the valid C2 has been collected by the subcontractor. Relevant Contracts Tax at 35% should be deducted from any payments made to the subcontractor after 1 January 2011 and before the relevant payment card is received.

Published on Tue 26 of Oct, 2010
EBrief 76/10: Value-Added Tax – Gambling

Arising out of a recent judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Communities (the ECJ) in Case C-58/09 (Leo-Libera GmbH v Finanzamt Buchholz in der Nordheide) Revenue wishes to clarify that casino businesses which to date have been incorrectly treating the income from gambling as exempt from VAT must now revise their VAT returns by computing the VAT liability at the standard rate on their income and forwarding remittances for additional liabilities to the Collector General.

More detail can be found here eBrief 76/2010
Published on Thu 14 of Oct, 2010
Revenue eBrief No. 73/10: Extended ROS Support Opening Hours for Pay & File 2010

ROS Technical Helpdesk

The ROS Technical Helpdesk provides support to customers accessing our ROS service.

Email address: roshelp at revenue.ie

Telephone Number: 1890 20 11 06

International Callers: +353 17023021

ROS Payment Support Unit

The ROS Payment Support Unit provides support on payment queries.

Email: rospayments at revenue.ie

Phone: 1890 20 30 70 Ext. 55623, 55624, 56734, 56742 (9.30am to 5pm)

Direct Dial: 061 488336; 061 488342; 061 488623; 061 488624; 061 488334.

The support schedule for both areas for the 2010 Pay and File period can be found here

Normal hours of 09.00-17.00 will apply from 17 November.
Published on Wed 13 of Oct, 2010
eBrief No. 71/2010: Value-Added Tax – Ink Cartridges

Revenue has updated pdfChapter 5.02 (PDF, 24KB) of the VAT Manual to ensure knowledge and certainty as to the correct VAT rate to be applied to refilled laser and inkjet printer cartridges.

The supply of ink cartridges is subject to VAT at the Standard Rate, as is the supply of ink in the refill of an ink cartridge.
Published on Wed 06 of Oct, 2010
eBrief 70/2010: Pay & File – Manual Returns

The Income Tax filing date for the 2009 returns is 31 October 2010, but this will be extended to 16 November 2010 provided the return is filed via ROS along with the relevant payment of taxes due.

For those agents who wish to file manual returns, the Collector General's Pay and File section will supply large pre-addressed envelopes as in previous years. However this year these will only be available on request.
To request your supply of these envelopes you need to e-mail your requirements to - ITEnvelopes@revenue.ie as soon as possible.

Published on Mon 04 of Oct, 2010
eBrief 69/10: Extracts from Accounts – Form 11/CT1 – Guidance for Practitioners

Revenue has published updated pdf Guidance for Practitioners (PDF, 49KB) regarding the 'Extracts from Accounts' section of the Form 11 and CT1 returns.

The guidance provides timely assistance to practitioners by clarifying the most common errors and identifying other matters so that they are aware of the correct approach. Also included is a section covering frequently asked questions.
Published on Fri 24 of Sep, 2010
eBrief No. 67/10: Code of Practice for Revenue Audit

The new Code of Practice for Revenue Audit is now available on the Revenue website at: Tax Practitioners - Codes of Practice and will come into effect from 1 October 2010.

This Code of Practice has been fully updated to incorporate legislative changes introduced in the Finance (No.2) Act 2008 in relation to the civil penalty regime and to the criteria for publication of tax defaulters. It will replace the Code of Practice for Revenue Auditors dated September 2002; the addendum to that code, dated 11 March 2004 and the supplement to that code dated 2 April 2009.

The Code of Practice for Revenue Audit will also be converted shortly into a navigable electronic web format.
Published on Wed 22 of Sep, 2010
eBrief No. 66/2010: ROS Pay & File Deadline 16th November 2010

Practitioners are reminded that the Pay & File deadline for ROS Customers is 16th November 2010. To avail of this deadline, both the Return and the Payment must be made online. Where only one of these actions is completed through ROS, the extension will not apply.

Customers who pay or file by means other than ROS are required to submit both payments and returns no later than 31st October 2010.

Read the full eBreif here
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