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Published on Wed 01 of Sep, 2010
Due for filing this month
19th of September
VAT May-Aug (quarterly option)
VAT Jul/Aug (bi-monthly option)

14th September
P30 August
RCT August

The filing dates are extended to the 23rd of September, if you file online using the Revenue Online Service (ROS)

and Intrastat is due on the 10th September

You have until the end of the month for VIES

More details can be found on the Revenue website at
Tax Due Dateshttp://www.revenue.ie/en/practitioner/calendar.html#section9" class="wiki wikinew">?
Published on Fri 20 of Aug, 2010
Adobe have released a security update for Adobe Reader. Adobe reader allows you to open and read PDF files. It is vital that you update your current version by running the update option found in the help menu. This update is what they call an "Out of cycle patch"

Out of cycle patch: An unscheduled update targeted at security fixes. These contain few functional updates with the intention to limit impact and are never available as full installers.
Published on Thu 12 of Aug, 2010
Security updates for all microsoft products have been released this week. Please ensure you install these updates. If you see a yellow shield with an exclamation mark at the bottom of your computer screen, click on it and let the updates be installed.

For an easy to understand description of updates and how to get them installed automatically go here. How windows updates work

It is vital you keep your computer up to date to prevent viruses, trojans and other spyware from infecting and taking over your computer and destroying or stealing the information on your computer including passwords and usernames for banking, email and other important websites and programs.
Published on Sun 08 of Aug, 2010
Java is found in your internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. It can be used when using your internet banking. It is vital that it is kept up to date to ensure the security of your computer and your money. So if a Java Update notification appears on your computer, be sure to install it.

You will see an icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen beside the clock. It looks like a cup of coffee. This is the indication that there may be a java update for you that needs to be installed. If so, install it now.
Published on Fri 30 of Jul, 2010
The Revenue Commissioners released eBrief no. 56/10

VAT and Public Bodies

The Finance Act 2010 brought a range of activities of public bodies within the scope of VAT from 1 July 2010. The Revenue Commissioners engaged in a detailed process of engagement with public bodies to ensure they were VAT compliant from 1 July.
Two documents:
Indicative List of VATable Income Sources and Rates
Guidance Note
draw together the conclusions of Revenue's engagement with the public bodies. The Guidance Note deals in detail with the treatment of property sales and the sale of graves.

It does mean that businesses will now be charged VAT on certain transactions they were not charged for before, but businesses can claim back this VAT. You will need to make sure you get an invocei with a VAT breakdown as some items are exempt, some are 13.5% and some are 21%.

These changes in VAT are to ensure that public bodies do not have an advantage over commercial businesses but ensuring that both the public bodies and commercial service providers both now charge VAT. Before this change the public bodies did not have to charge any VAT and this put them at a price advantage over a commercial business providing the same service and charging VAT.

Published on Thu 29 of Jul, 2010
The discussion forum is now up and running with some topics posted for discussion. So go right ahead and put your opinions and comments forward for discussion or start your own discussion.
Published on Thu 15 of Jul, 2010
I hope we can make BookkeepersIreland.com a place where bookkeepers can set standards for bookkeepers in Ireland. This site will be independent and will be open to bookkeepers to contibute.

We need your input on:

What is a bookkeeper.
What should an employer look for when employing a bookkeeper.
What questions should a business ask when using a bookkeeping bureau.
What skills should a bookkeeper have and lots more for the Bookkeepers of Ireland to decide.

So get involved by signing on and be kept up to date with the bookkeeping industry in Ireland.
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